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The Museum of Computing (of Computer History) of the School of Computer Science of the University of Castilla-La Mancha is located in the lobby of its main building (Fermín Caballero building) and offers, by means of some paradigmatic computer systems, a walk through the history of this young science, more and more present in our everyday lifes. The exhibiton shows some hardware equipment donated by different people (mainly university professors) and institutions and grouped to offer the visitor an homogeneous view of every aspect related with the evolution of computers.

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To complement the exhibition, a Virtual Museum, including an important amount of information, has also been developed. This initiative offers, using all kind of multimedia formats, a valuable way to understand the important achievements of the last decades. Using a computer, the visitor can access to documents, pictures, videos, and even TV adds or radio programs related not only with the material on display but with many other historic computer systems, as well as with the people or events that helped to build the computer history. An specific area of the Virtual Museum is dedicated to the videogames world, one of the most clear ways the consumer society has been able to notice how fast computers have evolved and, at the same time, influenced our way of life.


The development of the Virtual Museum has been done facing a complex engineering project for which the most relevant 3D visualization and multimedia management technologies have been used (Free Software based). We must indeed highlight the innovative computer-human interface that has been adopted based on the Augmented Reality paradigm. This technique allows the user to visualize virtual 3D objects (computer generated) on top of the real world, and then to interact with the whole. Specifically, in this Virtual Museum, the visitor will be able to keep on his hand and move a virtual 3D image of all the different computer systems included in the exhibition.


Finally it is worth pointing out that, like in other initiatives faced by our School, they have been our students, always our most valuable resources, who, under the supervision of some professors, have accomplished this complex and ambitious project. This has allowed to demostrate, once more again, the technical skills adquired by our students during their stay at the School. Their enormous professional qualification, together with a considerable artistic creativity, have given as a result a singular and exciting way to follow what has meant one of the most important technological revolutions of the mankind history, what has been named the "revolution of the 20th century".

  The Virtual Museum models can be freely downloaded from this web page. They have been created using the 3D modeling and animation Blender suite and exported to an interchange format to be represented with OpenGL. Because of the interactive use of the models, they are made using a low number of polygons. The textures, applied with UV Mapping, are packed in the .blend file.

Any use of the models are permitted under the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution of Spain license.


Faces: 3292       Size: 2054KB

Faces: 2690       Size: 750KB

Faces: 3696       Size: 944KB

   Apple I
Faces: 796       Size: 1325KB

Faces: 3184       Size: 6568KB

Faces: 1336       Size: 2472KB

   Apple Lisa
Faces: 1074       Size: 599KB

Faces: 780       Size: 1503KB

   Commodore 128D
Faces: 988       Size: 564KB

Faces: 1016       Size: 2202KB

Faces: 2502       Size: 1741KB

Faces: 3940       Size: 1108KB

   Difference Engine
Faces: 16400       Size: 2879KB

Faces: 742       Size: 705KB

   Dynalogic Hyperion
Faces: 1124       Size: 671KB

Faces: 2944       Size: 1966KB

Faces: 80       Size: 485KB

Faces: 1830       Size: 1263KB

Faces: 388       Size: 461KB

Faces: 904       Size: 1140KB

   Gavilan SC
Faces: 833       Size: 615KB

   Grid Compass 1101
Faces: 690       Size: 755KB

Faces: 308       Size: 1610KB

Faces: 1936       Size: 1522KB

Faces: 3912       Size: 1545KB

Faces: 1392       Size: 1395KB

Faces: 765       Size: 561KB

Faces: 1388       Size: 1514KB

Faces: 842       Size: 593KB

Faces: 4050       Size: 2888KB

   IBM Portable
Faces: 984       Size: 671KB

   IBM PS2
Faces: 3832       Size: 1162KB

   IBM System 23
Faces: 942       Size: 602KB

Faces: 1456       Size: 2480KB

   Kaypro II
Faces: 696       Size: 706KB

   KIM 1
Faces: 2800       Size: 1937KB

   Linus Write Top
Faces: 304       Size: 365KB

   MAC Classic
Faces: 6772       Size: 1055KB

   Mac Portable
Faces: 884       Size: 494KB

Faces: 164       Size: 1274KB

   Master System
Faces: 1024       Size: 1456KB

Faces: 382       Size: 475KB

Faces: 866       Size: 628KB

   Nintendo DS
Faces: 232       Size: 435KB

   Neo Geo
Faces: 666       Size: 502KB

Faces: 1420       Size: 1628KB

   Nixdorf Targo 35
Faces: 560       Size: 1270KB

Faces: 10752       Size: 2469KB

Faces: 5466       Size: 1777KB

Faces: 3390       Size: 1750KB

Faces: 4970       Size: 2552KB

Faces: 32       Size: 969KB

   Play Station
Faces: 1842       Size: 1396KB

   Play Station 2
Faces: 817       Size: 416KB

Faces: 1099       Size: 694KB

   Rockwell AIM 65
Faces: 840       Size: 1011KB

Faces: 716       Size: 520KB

Faces: 9056       Size: 1482KB

Faces: 112      Size: 515KB

Faces: 60       Size: 1182KB

Faces: 962       Size: 653KB

Faces: 286       Size: 588KB

   SpVideo SVI328
Faces: 2076       Size: 693KB

Faces: 704       Size: 1026KB

Faces: 754       Size: 1364KB

Faces: 900       Size: 1346KB

   Vector Graphic 1
Faces: 84       Size: 970KB

Faces: 582       Size: 527KB

Faces: 2300       Size: 1288KB

Faces: 13512       Size: 1899KB

Faces: 1576       Size: 790KB
  • Coordination: José Flores Gómez
  • Coordination: Juan Carlos López López
  • Technical Direction: Carlos González Morcillo
  • Development: Miguel García Corchero
  • Modeling and Animation: Jorge López González
  • Modeling and Animation: Pedro José Torres Triviño
  • Modeling and Animation: José Manuel Sánchez
  • General Management: Juan Pablo Rozas