Author: Iván Raso

Supervisor: Ramón Hervás

July 2010

This project proposes a rehabilitation system based on new technological tendencies in the mobility and ubiquitous computing areas. Specialists and patients related to rehabilitation area can use this proposed system to improve the fulfillment of exercises and the supervision of rehabilitation tasks. We have developed our system using a mobile device and a bracelet to capture patient's rehabilitation relevant data. As a pre-process procedure, raw data output by mobile device accelerometer is filtered, and then we use the technique called Dynamic Time Warping to train and recognize movements. Based on this recognition, patients can perform rehabilitation without the continuous specialist's surveillance and can be sure of its accuracy. Experimental results show us that our system is able to adapt itself dynamically to the peculiarities of each user and enhance healthy rehabilitation in a proactive way. A general view of the system flow is presented in the following figure.