Author: Diego Martín-Serrano

Supervisor: Ramón Hervás

February 2012

Nowadays, tourism industry is one of the most important economic activities related to employment and generation of richness. Additionally, tourism applications are a relevant scenario to study the potential of the Ambient Intelligence paradigm. The Telemaco system generates custom trips and has two different components: an Android application and a Django-powered server application. The mobile application updates the information when possible and makes data available at all times without a permanent connection to the Internet. The intermediate Web server gets the information from the Internet and offers it to mobile devices. Web 3.0 technologies are used to extract information from different services available on the Internet, to define the user's context using the FOAF ontology and to recommend personalized places of interest. This mobile guide supports tourism by using touristic, geographic, historical, cultural contents in an agile way, interacting with social networks and creating a new profile of the global traveler.