Author: Raúl Galán Pérez

Supervisor: Ramón Hervás

June 2013

Mobile phones are fast growing, causing a social change in the way of using these devices. We have gone from simple mobiles, which we only used to call or send messages, to smart mobile phones (smartphones) plenty of features, similar to a computer. One of those features is the capacity of detecting a movement of the user with the accelerometer that smart phones incorporate.

In order to identify gestures that user makes, it is necessary to process the accelerometer signal with pattern recognition techniques. Nowadays, pattern recognition is a discipline very applied in researching and in different development systems. Pattern recognitions techniques are typically used in handwriting recognition, gesture recognition and speech recognition.

This document describes the development of a generic and universal system to interact using a mobile device with another type of display system, for instance a public screen, in lack of others interaction mechanisms. The system consists of three applications: (a) an Android mobile application can recognize movements with the accelerometer, (b) the desktop application is responsible for simulating interactions from the mobile device, and (c) the server application is responsible for connecting both applications with web services.