Author: Gabriel Chavira Juárez

Supervisor: Prof. José Bravo Rodríguez

July 2009

The vision of the Ambient Intelligence, which is an evolution of the Ubiquitous Computing, it proposes a new way of think about the computers, which will disappear in the environment, so that this perceiving and responding automatically, to the single presence of the people, creating smart environment. The human-smart environment interaction, will have to imply the minimum interactive effort, to be most similar possible to the interaction between people. For this, the environment will have to be able to perceive all the interaction techniques.

In this thesis, a proposal is presented that allows incorporating to the environment the perception of the touch interaction, in order that this one generates services, not only to the users that participate in the interaction, but in addition to all the users to the surroundings who are related.The elaborated proposal realizes an analysis of the dominion associated with a touch interaction, and so the entities are defined that can participate in them, as well as the necessary capacities and properties so that the interaction can be perceived by the applications that will manage the environment, and so PICTAC system is designed. Also there appears a combination of technologies considers that satisfy all the requirements established by the proposed system. In order to validate the realized investigation, the AwareLab-pictac module has been developed, to offer services to the members of a research group, by means of the touch interaction.