Author: Vladimir Villarreal Contreras

Supervisor: Prof. José Bravo Rodríguez and Prof. Ramón Hervás Lucas

July 2012

This thesis has been developed with the purpose of offering technological solutions that allow patients improved and timelier follow-up and control of their disease, offering constant and timely responses. A conceptual framework called "MoMo" (Mobile Monitoring) allows for the development of parameterized mobile applications. This is conducive to medical tracking through mobile devices, which are in daily use by the patient, and biometric devices that currently offer high technological performance.

The applications based on the framework are generic, adaptable, remote and mobile. Generic, because they allow for the development of applications for multiple diseases following the conceptual design of the developed framework. Adaptable, because they offer services tailored to each type of disease and personalize the user’s characteristics, making the interaction more transparent. Remote, because the medical staff can be aware of data obtained by the patient biometric devices through the mobile device in a non-intrusive manner. Mobile, because development is based on the integration of small size, portable and wireless devices. These applications provide greater autonomy for the patient.