Author: Jesús Fontecha Diezma

Supervisor: Prof. José Bravo Rodríguez and Prof. Ramón Hervás Lucas

January 2014

This doctoral thesis proposes a system for supporting physicians and geriatricians in frailty detection and diagnosis, by using smartphones and accelerometer sensors in combination with a set of clinical parameters associated with fragility. In addition to developing the system, this work also presents the methods and procedures needed to set up several aspects of frailty assessment in ubiquitous and healthcare environments, by using a service-based approach.

Applying classification mechanisms and similarity algorithms as part of the assessment, is another contribution of this work, taking into account the difficulty of a comprehensive assessment of frailty nowadays. Similarly, a mobile application has been developed to provide the geriatrician a tool which encourages the visualization and interpretation of frailty results facilitating the clinical decision-making.

Thesis can be downloaded from here.